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Lisa’s Secret to a Re-Bounding Body

Koru Nutrition

Chasing after German Shepherds at sixty-three certainly takes a toll on your body… especially after doing it for the last eight years. For Lisa, it’s part of her active lifestyle and she wouldn’t ever want to give it up.

“When friends come along on dog walks I often get asked, ‘Lisa, how do you do these walks nearly every day? Chasing after such large dogs must be exhausting!’ Well, they aren’t wrong. You definitely need to be taking care of yourself.” 

“There are many aspects of my life that go toward living healthily and having a body that thrives in my active lifestyle. Eating a balanced and natural diet, exercise, supplements, and healthy sleep patterns. To achieve any of these well, it is good to have support... and with exercise, sometimes I really need support.”    

Having a body that springs back the next day after exercise is something that everyone dreams of. Some keys to feeling amazing in the morning after exercise the previous day include: rest and recovery, a good diet, and a natural supplement that replenishes your body with vital vitamins and ingredients that the exercise has depleted.  

The importance of this is that your body needs to naturally heal and repair itself before feeling ready to ‘go again’. Doing this process properly can also have profound effects on mental health in ways such as commitment, discipline, and confidence when it comes to sticking with exercise.

Koru FX is formulated with all natural oils, extracts, spices and waxes known to naturally provide fast support to joints and muscles. While arnica, peppermint and calendula work to soothe, relax and support tired muscles and joints, Manuka honey, juniper, marjoram and almond deeply nourish and provide antioxidants, and black pepper and nutmeg ensure fast absorption of all the ingredients. All of these work together to support healthy joint function and mobility so you can enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

“What I love about Koru FX is that it isn’t something that you have to feel bad using. Applying it after every dog walk makes me feel happy as I’ve just spent an hour or so surrounded by nature, and now I’m rubbing it into my muscles and joints!” 

“I feel the effects around 15 minutes after applying it, and it’s like a warm minty sensation that you can feel kick in and support. It’s my secret key to doing what I love and I’m happy to share it with everyone.”

Blended exclusively from natural ingredients, Koru FX from Koru Nutrition is the ‘go too’ supplement for your muscles and joints. Koru FX has been carefully formulated to offer your body support whilst living the best active lifestyle you desire. For more information, reviews, and value packs on Koru FX click ‘Look Now’ below.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Koru Nutrition, Christchurch.